Web Site Design

Web Site Template Design

The next step of the web site design process is web site template design. The goal is to take what we learned in the web site design discovery process and translate that into a workable visual design. From the selection of color to the layout of the pages we will attempt to marry your vision with a successful web site template design. At the end of this process we will have a design for your home page and an interior page of your web site. Although there may be a need to have other page designs due to different content needs, these two web design templates will drive the bulk of the site construction to follow. So it is very important to get a template design you are happy with in the beginning.

During this process you will be presented with various designs for your home page. An overall design format layout will be agreed upon and then we will begin to drop in elements to provide navigation ability on the site and conversion pathing for your visitors. The effort here is to come up with a web site design that is visually compelling, compatible with your company’s look and feel and also allows us to incorporate the elements that will make your web site successful.

The collaborative nature of this step of the process cannot be understated. Your input is invaluable in helping us interpret what we took from the web site design discovery process and make sure we are effectively turning that information into your vision. You will be involved throughout the process and be presented with multiple versions of design elements for your opinion.

The web site template design is the foundation on which we will build your entire web site. Because of this we will spend a fair amount of our time during the entire web site design process on this part of the process. Getting a winning design will make the rest of the process go smoother and you will ultimately be more satisfied in the end.