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You have put together your web site to sell your widgets in New Jersey but when you search on “Widgets New Jersey” your site does not come up in the search results. And to add insult to injury the sites that do come up have less to do with “Widgets New Jersey” in your mind than your web site. Why doesn’t your site come up in the search results? Why do these other sites come up?

The easy answer is that the web sites that come up in your search results have used Search Engine Optimization techniques to tell the search engines that their web site is more relevant in its content than your web site. And no matter what you think about your web site compared to the others the only thing that matters is what the search engine thinks. So when you are writing content and programming your web site you need to speak in a language that the search engines understand.

DigitalTrails Marketing knows how to speak search engine. We use a multi-faceted approach to provide the search engines with exactly what they are looking for. First we will research the keywords that are relevant to your web site and target those keywords that will bring traffic to your site. If you are targeting local or regional visitors our New Jersey Search Engine Optimization techniques will also target pertinent keywords for local results. Next, we will take your existing web site and configure the programming on your web pages to make sure the search engines can see all of your content and rank that content based on the keywords you are targeting. We provide you with customized guidance on a go forward strategy for your web site. And lastly, we will employ additional methods to further improve your rankings such as building incoming links, adding social media and taking advantage of available resources like Google Places.

We will customize an approach that fits your web site needs and your budget. Whether you are looking to attract customers locally with New Jersey Search Engine Optimization or customers across the country, we can help those customers find your web site.