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Web Site Optimization

Now that you are bringing visitors to the site are they doing what you want them to? If you are selling something the results you want are sales, for example. And the number of visitors you get to buy something has as much to do with your ROI as getting the visitors there in the first place. And improving your conversion results can have a huge impact on your overall results without adding any more traffic. Web Site optimization is the process by which your web site is fine tuned to have more visitors perform your desired result. Even if your only desired result is to provide marketing materials to your visitors you want as many visitors as possible to access and obtain that information.

Web Analytics – The first step in web site optimization is web analytics. By analyzing the existing traffic to your web site we can determine if the path the customers are taking to your desired result is helping or hurting the process. If you currently do not have analytics on your web site we can help you install it and begin to measure results. Web Analytics is essential to ongoing measurement of visitor traffic and desired result conversions.

Usability Analysis – How easy is it for someone to get to your desired result? As part of our web site optimization process we can provide an analysis of the usability of your web site. This will point out areas where there may be opportunities to improve the customer pathing on the site. By controlling the path customers take on your site you can greatly influence the end result.

Conversion Optimization – Web Site Optimization is ultimately about improving the conversion rate of your visitors. By focusing on the conversion process itself we can look for ways to improve the rate at which visitors turn into customers. Our conversion optimization process will provide you actionable steps to turn your web site into a conversion machine.

Improving the conversions of your visitors by only 1% can have a huge impact on your results. Why not let DigitalTrails Marketing give you an estimate on web site optimization to get you the results you have been looking for on your web site.