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Conversion Optimization

Whether you are selling something or you just want people to download your whitepaper, you put a lot of effort into getting traffic to your site so why not maximize the traffic through conversion optimization? Conversion optimization will take your site from where it is today to a top performing sales engine. Our process will point out what works and what does not and make sure you are getting the most from the traffic you are generating to the site. Many factors affect the ability of a web site to convert its visitors into customers and our conversion optimization process can address each of these areas. Depending on your situation we will deploy a number of methods to optimize the conversions.

Shopping Cart Abandonment – One of the quickest ways to increase conversions is to address any issues that may be affecting “shopping cart abandonment”. And whether you have shopping carts on your site or not this is the time when a visitor begins the conversion process but then abandons the effort. Keeping visitors engaged and focused on the goal will address many of the issues that make visitors abandon the process.

Landing Page Testing – If you have never tried a separate landing page for your paid campaigns you should. The reason many web site employ landing pages for their paid campaigns is that they work. Many times the increase in conversions can be dramatic and the cost to employ landing pages is minimal. Additionally, multiple landing pages can be tested to find right combination of ad and landing page that maximizes your ROI.

Paid Advertising Optimization – Traffic generated from paid advertisements can be very productive and for many web sites the way that the majority of their traffic is generated. But are you generated the right traffic? Bringing people to your site that will never buy anything is a waste of money and effort. The conversion optimization process will look at your paid campaigns and also optimize the ads that are generating traffic to your site. Optimizing these ads can greatly increase your overall conversions.

Let DigitalTrails Marketing provide a no cost quote to provide conversion optimization services to your web site. You will be surprised how cost effective our optimization process can be. What would you pay to increase conversions by 5%?