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Web Analytics

How many people are visiting my site? What pages are they visiting most often? Where are the visitors coming from? If you have a web site you should be asking yourself these questions and many more. Web analytics can answer these questions and a whole lot more. By tracking the visitors to your web site you can determine what is working and what is not working. This information provides the foundation by which improvements can be made to your web site. Here are some of the areas you can gain valuable insight about.

Audience – With web analytics you can find out if your visitors are in New Jersey or India. If you are trying to reach a New Jersey audience it is important to know if you are attracting traffic from New Jersey. You can also find out if you are engaging your audience and whether they are returning or new visitors. You can even tall what technology they are using to access your site which can be important to make sure your technology is in synch with the visitors you are attracting.

Traffic Sources – You can also find out how people are finding your web site. Are they simply entering your URL or are they being referred by a site you may have posted a link on? And you can also watch to see if they are coming from paid or organic search results. Web analytics about your traffic sources helps fine tune your paid and SEO efforts to increase traffic.

Content – A deeper analysis of the web analytics data will show what these visitors are doing when they land on your web site. You will be able to see what pages they visit most and where they go when they get to your web site. Optimizing the customer pathing on your web site will help with your conversions and web analytics provides the measurement data to help make this possible.

Conversions – Ultimately the measurement of conversions on your web site will determine how the site is doing and whether you are getting an acceptable return on your investment. A sales funnel will quickly point out if shopping cart abandonment is an issue and possible places to address the issue.

Even if you have web analytics installed on your web site, reading and analyzing the data can be a daunting undertaking. DigitalTrails Marketing can help set up and analyze the data for you. We can even set up customized reports you can run on a go forward basis that quickly give you the information you need.