Web Site Design

Web Site Design

These days anyone can launch a web site. Many services have templates available that allow you to launch a web site quickly with very little effort. But are these sites as good as one built from scratch? In short the answer is no for many reasons. But if you are going to build a site from scratch where do you start? Web site design is available from many different outlets on and offline. The difference that DigitalTrails Marketing offers is that we combine an award winning design firm, Monarch Communications, with our SEO and Usability expertise that ensures that your site has the best chance for success right from the beginning. And if you are redesigning an existing site we can incorporate what works from that site into a new site and bring proven elements to bear in the new site. Our web design process employs three distinct phases where your involvement is encouraged to create a web site you are excited to call your own.

Discovery – Our web site design process first employs an in-depth process to help determine the direction we should take in the design process. We will analyze any existing traffic data from an existing site, examine competitive web sites and look at existing company literature if any exists. Also, a list of search terms will be determined to make sure we are designing a site that matches your desired audience. A site map will be created that details the pages of the site needed. An interview with you will also be used to help guide our web site design. Again, the effort is to make a web site that performs well but also reflects your vision for your web site as well.

Design – During the actual web site design process itself we will construct a home page and interior page design for the web site. These templates will become the foundation that the remainder of the web site is built on. The web site design will be based on our discovery process and be a cooperative effort. Your involvement is encouraged as the look and feel of the site should reflect the image you are trying to convey to your visitors.

Construction – The construction phase of the web site design process will take the design elements and combine them with the functional elements of the site to build out the web site. The construction phase will also be where we lay the foundation for search engine optimization by incorporating proven design methods to maximize rankings for your keywords.

Let the combination of the web site design power of Monarch Communications and the search engine optimization and usability expertise of DigitalTrails Marketing build you a winning web site. Why not get a free quotation today?