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Other Services

To complement our search engine marketing, web site optimization and web design services we also offer assistance with social media marketing, landing page optimization and link building.

Social Media Marketing – Certainly the biggest buzz in Internet Marketing in the past few years has been social media marketing. And depending on your business social media marketing can be a very powerful medium. Taking advantage of social site advertising opportunities and leveraging these sites to for search engine optimization benefits are a must for some web sites. In addition, the ability to connect with your customer base using these media can give your business a distinct advantage over your competition.

Landing Page Optimization – If you are conducting a paid search campaign and haven’t tried a landing page yet you may really be missing something. Landing pages condense the information on your web site and deliver a compelling call to action to the people who click on your advertisement. By reducing the information and focusing your visitors on the goal you can drastically improve conversion results. Optimizing these landing pages makes sure you are taking full advantage of this technique.

Link Building – One of the most important elements to getting ranked on the search engines is the incoming links you have established on your web site. The links signal to the search engines that your site is viewed favorably by others on the Internet. The popularity of the sites who provide these links also determines how these links are valued. We can help you establish links to your site that are relevant and improve your rankings.

DigitalTrails Marketing can employ resources to help you with every phase of your Internet Marketing campaign. Let us provide a free quote for any of our services today! You will be surprised how affordable it can be to make your web site as successful as you want.